On this page you'll find some tracks yet to be released.

And from the vaults, a couple of tracks from the original lineup of  Talisker, recorded for the John Peel Show.  

 The lineup is  John Rangecroft, tenor and clarinet, Davie Webster, alto, and Mark Megiddo bass (left channel) and the late Lindsay Cooper, bass (right).

The Black Bear

Tha Cu Ban Againn


Raz3 is a new trio with Tim Hodgkinson and Lu Edmonds. Here's an excerpt from track "Darkchild"on the debut album. And a shorter track -Linoleum-210

And a wee photie of Lu -





And the Raz3 together-













This track - The Jute Mill Song - is from a Hoots and Roots gig in Canada (Ken Hyder and Maggie Nicols) 













A rehearsal recorded at Adyk Eeren shaman centre, Kyzyl, Tuva,  August 2005. With Stepan Manzyrykchy: dungur, voice; Sergei Tumat: dungur, voice, conch; Ken Hyder: dungur; Tim Hodgkinson: klarnet.

 Adyg Eeren












 Inside the yurta at the Adyg Eeren centre.

Brandy Steel by Siberia Extreme (Chyskyyrai, Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder) - CD in production.

Brandy Steel 










Real Time -  from a a CD in production. ( Z'ev, Ken Hyder and Andy Knight)

 Real Time track








Here is a track by K-Space which may or may not make it on to the next CD (Gendos Chamzyryn, Tim Hodgkinson and Ken Hyder)

 Kara Deer








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