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Transformation of human life from past to present has shown a major shift from basic living needs to having best in the society. In recent years, high rising needs has worsen energy & environment issues to alarming level. Irreversible threatening visible effects are the major concern of worry for the global population.
Despite entry of various innovative energy saving products, energy scenario is worsening. Simple reason, energy usage for comfort are touching high while many are still deprived of energy to meet their basic needs.
Looking present trends, energy inefficient manufacturing sectors will become extinct soon.
Nature has provided enough energy resources and keeps on replenishing exhausted fuel stocks at her own pace. Energy consumption rate faster than its natural generation is creating imbalance in energy demand & supply cycle.
Microscopic viewing of process plant ensures finer control of energy wastage.
Like Pranayama, concentration & redistribution of energy involved in various transformations either for energy consumption or generation leads to efficient utilization of available energy resources.