Iaido exams 13.05.2018

Kyu exams and Dan exams (shodan only!) will be held on Sunday 13.05.2018 after team finals of this year's "Open Austrian Iaido Championships" in Linz.


 13.05. Sunday  Examsafter team taikai (supposingly between 1200 - 1500h)


Aubrunnerweg 43
4040 Linz

Details on KYU exam

  • Only for AKA members with permission of their club's president.
  • Application fee is EUR 10,-- to be paid on the spot.
  • Deadline for the application is 07.05.2018!
  • Application via eMail to president@kendo-austria.at
  • KYU Grading rules (German): klick here

Details on DAN exam (SHODAN ONLY)

  • Application and registration fees are the same as suggested in EKF Grading Rules and are paid on the spot.
  • Deadline for the subscription is 07.05.2018!
  • If you are not member of the Austrian Kendo Association:
    • Please contact your national federation. They have to register you to the exam on the EKF-administrative site.
  • If you are a member of the Austrian Kendo Association:
    • Please contact president@kendo-austria.at
    • If you are shodan please make sure that all you personal information in the AKA-Database is available and correct (contact the administration of your club!)