County Government

County Wide Offices

County Clerk and Recorder
The County Clerk and Recorder computes tax rates based on levies and assessed valuations. Processes marriage license and other vital records, and records all land transaction documents including liens, mortgages and deeds.
Debbie Gillette (R)

Circuit Clerk
The Circuit Clerk is a non-judicial officer of the Judicial Branch of Illinois State government. The Circuit Court Clerk is responsible for maintaining and preserving all the official records of the court filed in Kendall County.
Robyn Ingemunson (R)

County Sheriff
The County Sheriff provides law enforcement and correctional services to the citizens of Kendall County.
Dwight Baird (R) 

County Treasurer
The County Treasurer performs the statutory duties required as County Treasurer for the County of Kendall and as Ex-Officio County Collector of Real Estate Property Taxes and Drainage District Taxes for the entire county.
Jill Ferko (R)

State's Attorney
State's Attorney office has county-wide jurisdiction to prosecute various criminal offenses.
Eric Weis (R)

County Coroner
The Coroner conducts investigations to determine the cause and manner of death, pursuant to the Illinois state Statutes.
Jacquie Purcell (R)

Regional Superintendent of Schools
Christopher Mehochko (R)

Chief Judge Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit 
Timothy J. McCann (R)

Associate Judge Twenty-Third Judicial Circuit 
Stephen L. Krentz (R)
County Board
The County Board consists of ten members elected from two districts on a partisan basis to four year, staggered terms. However, every ten years Illinois statute requires one election to fill all Board positions and staggering occurs through a random drawing for two or four year terms. The Board elects is Chairman internally.  Republicans hold 8 seats.
District 1 (Part of Oswego Township, Bristol Township, Little Rock Township, Kendall Township, Fox Township, Lisbon Township, and Big Grove Township)
Matt Prochaska (R)
Judy Gilmour (R)
Scott Gengler (R)
District 2 (Most of Oswego Township, Na Au Say Township, and Seward Township)
Scott Gryder (R) (Chairman)
Tony Giles (R)
Matt Kellogg (R)