2017 Consolidated Election

This is the summarize list in all contested races where at least one candidate choose to participate in our Candidate Forums and Questionnaires.  
A full report on these candidates is POSTED at the bottom of this page.    A complete Candidate Guide that provides all the data and answers for our voters to find the most in-depth information available.   This is in MS EXCEL.  Once you open the file link below, in the upper right hand corner, to open in EXCEL or download click on the down-arrow between the Printer and Sign-In Icons.

Audio from the KCRCC Oswego Candidate Forum held Monday March 20th :  http://www.todd4kendall.org/Patchblog/KCRCC%203-20-2017%20Oswego%20Township%20Candidate%20Forum%20copy.mp3       

MUNICIPALITYOFFICECANDIDATERSVP to Attend KCRCC Cand. ForumEmailQues. ReturnedAgreement to Participate
Oswego TownshipSupervisor – RepublicanMichael F. BeckerYesmb3986@aol.comYesYes

Supervisor - IndependentDan KoukolYesdktractor69@gmail.comNoYes

Brian LeClercqYes, Cancelled cited Business mtg.  Sent Surrogate for open/closebrian4ots@brianleclercq.comYesYes

Highway Commissioner - RepublicanJeffrey S. ChristiansenCancelled, work Emergencychristiansenj2@gmail.comYes

Highway Commissioner - IndependentRobert D. RogersonYesrdinc@comcast.net YesYes

Aaron GrosskopfNo ResponseNoNo

Claude AinsworthYesclaudeains@aol.comYesYes

Terry OlsonYeskcmdemolition@sbcglobal.netYesYes

Tom CookNo ResponseNoNo
Oswego Township
Trustee – RepublicanDiane SelmerYesmajwiz@aol.comYesYes

Leah PhilpotYesleah.philpot@yahoo.comNoYes

Trustee - IndependentJan AlexanderYesjk_alex@hotmail.comYesYes

Tom YackleyNo ResponseNoNo

William B. SmallCancelledbill60538@yahoo.comYesYes

Donna L. StanleyYesstanleyrealty07@gmail.comYesYes

Allyson JacobsenNo ResponseNoNo

Clerk – RepublicanStephen YouhanaieYes, Did not show cited possible work issueYesYes

Clerk - IndependentKenneth Holmstrom
Missed event                    
City of YorkvilleAlderman Ward 1Bob AllenYes, No Show at last minute due to work issuesuphigh63@aol.comNoNo

Amy L. CesichNo ResponseNoNo

Ken KochYeskenkoch80@gmail.comYesYes

Alderman Ward 2Arden PlocherCancelledarden.joe.plocher@gmail.comNoNo

Deborah HorazNo ResponseNoNo

Robert J. GryderNo ResponseNoNo
KendallTownshipSupervisorSteve GenglerYesstevelgengler@hotmail.comYesYes

Jack R. WestphallYesWestphall87@aol.comYesYes

Kenneth WalkerNo ResponseNoNo
MUNICIPALITYOFFICECANDIDATEConfirmedEmailQues. ReturnedAgreement to Participate
Na Au Say TownshipTrusteeCraig JohnsonNo ResponseNoNo

Daniel HillNo ResponseNoNo

Chuck RobinsonNo ResponseNoNo

David WheelerNo ResponseNoNo

Eric BernackiYeseebernacki@gmail.comYesYes
Oswego SD #308Board of EducationDominick CironeYesdominick.cirone@yahoo.comYesYes

Toni MorganYesrainymac1@gmail.comYesYes

Heather MoyerDeclinedheathermoyersb@gmail.comNoNo

Brent LightfootYesbc.lightfoot@sbcglobal.netYesYes

Robert GravesYesgraves_robert@outlook.comYesYes

Matthew BaumanDeclined, due to Child's eventNoNo

Michael G. Mc DowellNo ResponseNoNo

Danielle Paul not able to contactInvite was forwarded, declined to attend.NoNo
Village of OswegoTrustee RepublicanBrian ThomasCancelled, family EmergencyBattapper13@att.netYesYes

Donnie L SoardYes, Did not ShowDonnie.Soard@gmail.comNoNo

Trustees IndependentJudy SollingerNo ResponseNoNo

Pam ParrNo ResponseNoNo

Luis PerezRSVP'd regrets, business travellp871991@gmail.comYesYes