Welcome to the official website of the Kendall County Republican Party, KendallRepublicans.com.  Thank you for visiting.

Values and ideas matter.  Our Country was founded, and continues to be based, upon the belief that freedom resides deep within every human heart.  As exemplified by the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln, the ideas that every person matters, that each individual is due dignity and the opportunity to take personal responsibility, has been at the center of our society.

We are Republicans because we believe that the strength of our nation lies in individual liberty, the nuclear family, in equal rights, justice and opportunity, in free enterprise and individual initiative, in limited government, in law and order, in a strong national defense, and in extending peace, freedom and human rights.

We believe that government is instituted to serve, not to be served.  We believe that government works best when it practices fiscal responsibility, looks for way to let people keep the money they have earned, treats the taxes it collects in a fiduciary manner, and always looks to return the best value possible to all residents.

Our mission is to elect and support those who stand with us. At every level of government. 

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Welcome to the Kendall County Republican Central Committee Homepage

Thank you for visiting the official website for the Kendall County Republican Central Committee.  This is such an important time in the history of not just Kendall County but Illinois as a whole.
For well over a century Kendall County has been a reliably Republican county having supported the Republican candidate for President in every election until 2008 (Kendall returned to the Republican column in 2012) with the exception of 1912 when Teddy Roosevelt won the county as the Bull Moose Party candidate. 
Kendall County also has a long history of providing leaders at the state and national level.  This includes former US House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Raymond Lett and Illinois House Minority Leader Tom Cross.
We have Republican leaders in every countywide office, 8 of 10 county board seats, 3 state representatives, 2 state senators and 1 Congressman. 
We are now fighting to maintain this edge and for the Republican values that we hold dear of less more efficient government, individual responsibility and lower taxes.  To fight for these rights we need your help.  I ask that you join me.  Lets roll up our sleeves and get to work to make our community great!

Scott Gryder
Chairman, Kendall County Republican Central Committee