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Kendal Darts and Dominoes Monday League 

Calling All Pub Licensees

Calling all Kendal's pub licensees!

If you don't already have a darts team based at your establishment, why don't you consider setting up your own Darts and Dominoes team? There is a Monday League, and separate Ladies' League, so there is something to please almost everyone.

Darts is one of (if not the) oldest of pub games, and arguably can be dated back to Henry VIII's time. See the 'History of Darts' page on Darts Info World website for interesting 'Did You Know?' type facts and information. Pub teams are a great way of encouraging a group of regulars to make regular use of the premises and its facilities, and can provide a boost to business during quiet times of the week or the year. And that is something not to be lightly dismissed nowadays, when there is so much competition for potential customers to spend their money.

So here are some suggestions about what to do next. Have a look at the 'League Matches and Results' page; scroll through the fixtures table to find who is playing where this week; pick a venue that takes your fancy; then turn up to watch what goes on. Introduce yourself to the teams, have a few drinks, and see if sponsoring your own team would suit you and your pub.

And finally, give Ian Nicholson a call - 07840 530566 - to discuss some of the more practical details.

See you on the oche - Game On!

Ian Nick on the oche

Treble Twenty - dart in the treble twenty zone.

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If you would like more information about playing darts, joining an existing team, or even setting up a new team, then please contact Ian Nicholson on 07840 530566.