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    Ken Choy-Efficiency Expert and Mystery Shopper

    Mystery Shopper
    Choy has been a mystery shopper for over ten years and appeared on CBS2 news as CBS2s’ Professional Shopper.
    Choy has audited real estate, retail, banking, restaurant, hospitality, hotel, rental, medical, and other industries. He
    has also written am unsold manual called Make Money Shopping about mystery and coupon shopping.

    Professional Shopper
    Choy has been featured on CBS2 news as the Professional Shopper and is currently being interviewed for a reality
    show. Choy has been able to make money shopping by combining and utilizing coupons and offers to maximize
    savings. On other traditional coupon use shopping trip, Choy purchased over $300 in groceries and after coupons,
    the store owed him money.

    Efficiency Expert
    Choy used his shopping know-how to act as efficiency expert for several businesses. For an animal hospital, Choy
    saved over $15,000 in a little more than a year using cost-saving techniques.