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Mavericks of Asian Pacific Islander Descent


MAPID arms emerging artists with tools to succeed in the entertainment industry.

This is achieved through programs such as:

MAPID Writers Group: Members have gone to sell and pitch projects pilots to networks, studios, and Academy Award winning producers.

Competitive programs: Winners have pitched FOX 2000; FOX Searchlight, and FOX TV Drama.

MAPID Actors Group

Panels, seminars and live events formatted to assist in the development and business progression of the emerging artist.

The entertainment industry has few outlets for emerging artists to be nurtured and to develop as artists, business professionals, and leaders. Opportunities are less so for Asian Pacific Islanders. Through educational opportunities and programs as well as social activities and events, MAPID serves as the conduit for emerging artists to succeed in the entertainment industry. Activities include but are not limited to: writing groups and classes, educational sessions with entertainment professionals, and live events spotlighting artists. MAPID will also work with networks, production companies, and executives in facilitating elevation of artists in the entertainment industry.
MAPID is based in Los Angeles but endeavors to assist artists worldwide with its programs.
MAPID is open to all people interested in the promotion of Asian Pacific Islander artists and Asian Pacific Islander content and is open to all, regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic class, nationality, political views, or affiliation
Mavericks of API Descent was founded by Ken Choy.

History Timeline
October  2009 MAPID was founded by Ken Choy to produce Breaking the Bow.
October 2009 MAPID announces the API Ten Minute play contest.
October 2009 Breaking the Bow: The 1st annual Independent Asian Pacific Islander Performing Artists and
Writers Festival premiered.
•        The festival involved over 70 artists.
•        There were 7 events in 4 days including play readings, an API cabaret, and the first ever Battle of the
Pitches, a screenwriting pitch competition.
•        Battle of the Pitches was sponsored by FOX Diversity and Visual Communications.
•        The festival was sponsored by EastWest Magazine, Asiance magazine, 8asaians.com, Brian Raimondi
photography, JBC Images, RIP media, FOX Diversity, and Visual Communications.
•        Community supporters included Japanese American National Museum, Thai Community and Cultural
Center, Asian American Theatre Company, TeAda Productions, Asian Arts Initiative, and Asian Pacific Health
Care Venture.
•        The festival was unique in that it involved theater and film/TV, YouTube, and musical artists in the same
festival. It also broke generational barriers.
•        Artists involved include Amy Hill, Philip Kan Gotanda, Sab Shimono, Chris Tashima, Keiko Agena,
Emily Kuroda, and Alberto Isaac.  The festival involved both established and emerging artists.
November 2009 FOX Diversity requests taped auditions from the emerging artists of Breaking the Bow.
December 2009 The winner of Battle of the Pitches meets with executives at FOX 2000 and FOX
Searchlight as well as lunches with Ron Taylor and Janice Tanaka of FOX Diversity.
December 2009 MAPID begins exploratory work with the National Asian American Theatre Festival for
June 2011.
January 2010 MAPID begins the MAPID writing group, a free workshop lead and guided by founder Ken
January 2010 Visual Communications requests MAPID to co-present the 1st LAAPFF Short Screenplay
competition. Sponsors include WGA West, Write Brothers Software, Cedar Grove Productions aka Academy
Award winner Chris Tashima, and Brian Raimondi photography. MAPID is solely responsible for
administrating the competition.
March 2010 LAAPFF Short Screenplay competition receives an astounding 65 entries, an astonishing number
for a 1st time out.
March 2010 MAPID signs on to co-present ID Film Fest at JANM with Quentin Lee, Koji Sakai, Japan Film
Society, and Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE).
March 2010 MAPID announces the API TV Pilot shootout and Battle of the Pitches 2 which will be held at
ID Film Fest.
•        Sponsors include Final Draft and FOX Diversity.
March 2010 MAPID signs on to co-present The People I’ve Slept With screening and reception at LAAPFF.
April 2010 MAPID acquires office space.
May 2010 MAPID holds free monthly acting workshop
May 2010 MAPID expands writing group, doubling its size
May 2010 MAPID coordinates and sponsors reception for The People I’ve Slept With
June 2010 MAPID and Japanese American National Museum present an Intimate Talk with FOX Diversity
Development VP Ron Taylor.
July 2010 MAPID announces its co-presentation of Asian American Independent Feature Conference to take
place in conjunction with ID Film Fest 2010
July 2010 MAPID announces its presentation of Filmmaker's Crash Course Session as part of ID Film Fest
August 2010 MAPID and Elizabeth Sung begin Access Acting Courses
October 2010 Access Acting graduates book their first national commercials.
October 2010 MAPID co-presents ID Film Fest at Japanese American National Museum.
October 2010 MAPID co-presents Asian American Independent Features Conference
October 2010 Battle of the Pitches 2/API TV Pilot Shootout is presented, and winners are announced.
October 2010 Filmmaker's Crash Course Session is presented.
October 2010 MAPID forms Pan Asian Community Together to produce PSAs.
November 2010 PSA "Get Out the Vote" released
Dec 2010 PSA "Speak out!! APIs against Violence" released

Ken Choy
Ken Choy is a screenwriter and actor.  He writes for Hyphen Magazine, Widelantern.com, 8asians.com, gayasianmale.net, and aarisings.com. 
He consistently works and/or volunteers with Outfest, Chinese American Museum, CAPE, and other community and charitable groups.  He was senior artist with Asian American Renaissance in Minnesota where he created AARGH, the Asian American cabaret with David Mura. He has received numerous fellowships and grants