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A simple countdown (days to go) script

<script type="text/javascript">
var CDTitle = "Jaipur Trip";
var millisecs_per_day=86400000
// set countdown time in milliseconds
// put desired day as arguments to Date.UTC
// in the order:
// year, month (remember January is 0), day of month, offset from GMT
// NOTE: we are using the offset because that represents midnight
// (beginning of the day) in a specific timezone
var countdown_time=Date.UTC(2010, 3, 23,-5.3);
// get the current time and convert to milliseconds
var now=new Date();
var now_millisecs=now.valueOf();

var day_cnt= Math.ceil(( countdown_time - now_millisecs)/86400000 )

// display the number of days left (or since)
if ( day_cnt > 1 )
   // multiple days to go
   document.write( "<font size=8><b>" + day_cnt + "</b></font> Days until <br /><b>" + CDTitle + "</b>")