The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places

The Joy of Serving God in the Ordinary

Book Synopsis:

What does real Christian service look like?


Working in a church or teaching Sunday school?

Serving the poor in the neediest parts of the world?

Studying the Bible in a quiet place?

Traveling around the globe to evangelize?


Maybe. But what if it looks a lot more like everyday life?


Here is good news for everyone who feels unexceptional and overlooked. God sees every act of service, no matter how dull and insignificant it may seem. His view of success is drastically different from the world’s. It is often in ordinary situations and places—not extraordinary ones—that God teaches us lessons with eternal consequences.


With humor and honesty, teacher Ken Barnes takes us on his journey from tending chickens to assisting in a kitchen to sweating in a steel mill and more. Stories of frustration, joy, and every emotion in between reveal the true direction of being a disciple of Christ: the way up is always down. Joy in serving comes not from excitement or recognition. It comes from following the example of Christ, the ultimate servant.


 What people are saying!
"This book recalls a pioneer's journey, it will make you laugh and see how God works in one person's life as he commits everything to HIm."
Darlene Cummingham: Co-founder of Youth With A Mission
"This book will challenge your Christianity down to your toenails!  Ken has given us a book that is certainly well over due in the Body of  Christ.  Read it and learn what it really means to be a follower of Christ."
Nick Savoca: Director, Youth With A Mission Metro New York

"If you have been searching for the key to God's kingdom, search no more.  It is certainly spelled out in the pages of this book.  The simplicity  of Ken's message will make you laugh, cry and be challenged to apply it daily.  Read it again and again until these words become a living  reality."
Dave Gustaveson: Former Director, Youth With A Mission Los Angeles
"I witnessed some of the testing that makes for Ken's testimony, his story that has become this book.  Learning to be comfortable in the ministry of serving requires a lot of examination of one's heart's motives and responses--especially when you are treated unfairly or unjustly.  Ken has found the servant's sweet spot."
Peter Jordan: Director, YWAM Associates International

"As you read The Chicken Farm and Other Sacred Places, you will be challenged and encouraged.  Ken's brutal honesty about the Lord's dealings will bring you to tears on one page and have you laughing in identification the next.  I could not put it down."
Paul Hawkins: International speaker, Youth With a Mission
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