The photo at left shows salads from the South Peninsula Haven House People's Garden in Homer, Alaska.  Looks delicious!

This website is the online home for the 20+ People's Gardens that have sprouted on the southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska thanks to funding from the USDA People's Garden Initiative.  To find out more about this national program, click here: USDA People's Gardens.

Many People's Gardens have been created through the USDA People's Garden Initiative. Homer Soil and Water Conservation District received funding to help establish People's Gardens on the southern Kenai Peninsula.  The link from the national People's Garden website to our local efforts can be reached by clicking here:  Alaska PG funding recipients.

All People's Gardens share three features:
1.  They benefit their communities.
2.  They're created through collaboration.
3.  They incorporate sustainable practices.
In addition, People's Gardens become a focal point for education about soils, plants, healthy food, pollinators, and many other topics related to growing things and using what you grow.

The purpose of this site is to make it easy to visit the many People's Gardens on the southern Kenai Peninsula, as well as to hook you up with information that will make it easier for you to start a garden of your own.  Click on "Links to nearby People's Gardens" to start exploring the People's Gardens growing on the peninsula.  Gardens names with an asterisk after them provide particularly useful information about local gardening.  When you feel inspired by these wonderful efforts, click on Information to help you grow your garden and begin the journey yourself. Other links at left will help you find information and resources that you might find useful.