Ward Profiles


Ward Profiles are produced by the council for every ward in Basingstoke roughly every two years.
They use information from the previous census (10 yearly) but also other sources which provide more up to date information.
The most recent one can be found on the Basingstoke and Deane Council website http://www.basingstoke.gov.uk/profile.Together with all kinds of other facts and figures about Basingstoke

Some recent ward profiles for Kempshott can be viewed or downloaded as shown below. It is interesting to see how they change.

What we have done

The community plan group have unpicked some of this data as well as using other sources so it is easier to see important aspects of Kempshotts develoment over time  and to compare key features of the communitty with those of Basingtoke as a whole

This is the file dated June 2015 below. The last slide provides a brief summary.

Chris Rose,
4 Jun 2015, 07:22
Chris Rose,
20 May 2015, 08:17