Wellbeing in Older Age


One of the significant  features of Kempshott, as far as planning and infrastructure is concerned is the age profile of the ward - as a suburb of the 1970s -80s built  for  younger families,  many residents have lived in Kempshott for 30 years and more - and have no wish to live anywhere else!
However, as a now aging  community with an increasing number of over -80s amongst us the question then arrises at to wether wellbeing  infrastucture and social facilities meet the needs of the residents.
In 2017 we did an extensive and detailed  survey among the Over-65s to establish their views on the matter.
Following that work we included a number of questions in the Final Survey on this theme - which we hoped would elicit response from some more difficult to contact groups -  a) families with young children under 5 years old and  b) young people  15 - 18 years old,  as well as being relevant to the older adult generations.

Progress(update April  2018)

The Wellbeing in Older  Age Report was published in July 2017 -  see Community Plan Documents - and informed the Final Consultation of residents which was completed in October 2018.

The  results of the Final Survey are reported in the Community Plan Documents.

The results and conclusions from these surveys have informed the  Final Report and are the basis of the relevant sections of the  Action Plan.