Manydown team


We are all concerned with the impact of the Manydown Developments now and over the next 20 years- not least the impact on traffic and services in the next 5-8 years of initial development.

The Community Plan Group are in contact with Manydown Project Management and fully engaged in discussions of and monitoring of the outline planning phase as it might affect Kempshott- traffic, services,housing types etc

Together we will endeavour to protect the Kemsphott Community as best we can, The Manydown development will be holding its own public information events but KCP will be focusing on informing residents.

As Giddings field has been removed from the immediate plans for Manydown it might seem that Kempshott has no reason for an interest. However the traffic generated will still be substantial  and once decision has been made about where the railway line will be crossed there will be new round of developmant adjacent to Pack Lane as that is part of Kempshott Ward. (See map on the home page)

We are keen to keep the connection from Kempshott through countryside walks  with the proposed country park at Wooton St lawrence

Progress(update April  2018)

1 Manydown consultation events Nov 14th to18th 2015. KCP representatives Marion Woldstencroft, Antony Merriman, Chris Rose

2.Housing Types Working Group  25th  Jan 2016. KCP  representative Peter Wilson

3. Energy and Technology Working Group 29th Jan 2016 .KCP  representative Walter MacCormick

4 Ecology and country park Working group 4th Feb 2016. KCP  representative Chris Rose

5.Transport Working Group 8th Feb 2016. KCP representative Antony Merriman

6. The Manydown Centre and community 9th Feb 2016.  KCP representative Marion Wolstencroft

7. As we  move into 2018  the  Manydown North development is  going through the outline planning phase and awarding  a contract for the oversight of the entire development  north of the Worting Road on behalf of  Hampshire County and Basingstoke District Local Authorities -  which will itself involve many  construction contracts for infrastructure and services as well as the various housing developments.

The Development Partner  contract has been awarded to  Urban &Civic  ( a large developer organisation who will mastermind the development. Overall Progress and updates  will be available on the Manydown Development website