Green team


The 2015 residents survey demonstrated Kempshott residents overriding concern -the development to the west and the loss of access to the countryside and wildlife  and the degradation of the space we currently enjoy due to the impact of an increasing population

Fortunately Kempshott also has the greatest number of residents actively engaged in managing and protecting green space of any ward in the borough
The 5 conservation groups representing this groundswell of concern are
Old Down and Beggarwood Wildlife Group
Silvermead Hedgerow Group
Fuzzy Drove Group
Kempshott Conservation Group
Friends of Stratton Park
and together they make up the Green Team for Kempshott Community Plan.

We have two missions for the natural green spaces in and around the ward
-to identify and review the potential of the green corridors within Kempshott and how they can be improved
-to develop our own proposals for the local green corridor network connecting us to the existing natural green spaces to the west of Kemsphott

We are already working on these - if you would like to help in any way please contact your local group.They all have websites of their own

This team is lead by Chris Rose


1. At the first meeting of the green team we met with representatives of BDBC Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council) to discuss residents concerns over fly tipping around Kempshott. This was very useful as we met one of the Community Safety Patrol Officers and learnt from him about their role and the campaigns they run to try to educate people about environmental issues including the Fly tipping campaign  of March 2016. Also present was an environmental health team officer and we shared our concerns about some residents regarding natural green space as waste ground and seeing no problem with tipping green waste over their fences and spoiling our green spaces.

For the the complete report and advice click here

2. The second meeting of the green team was at Old Down Hall Thursday 25th Feb 2016 at 4.30pm. Green corridors were the subject on the agenda.

We have marked up a large scale map identifying areas in kempshott of good biodiversity and also others which could readily be improved by changes to the mowing regime. These areas could also benefit from sowing soem wildlflower seed.

3. We have also identified green corridors to the west which should be retained and enhanced to maintain Kempshotts links to the wider countryside. This map will be available soon. It builds on the woodlands identified in the Local Plan as part of the strategic gap betwen Oakley and Kempshott

4. The data gathered in the summer now forms the basis of a status report and we have  drawn up some recomendations based on what we have learnt from residents .

Please see the report in Community plan docs