Cycling team


Cycling can be viewed as a leisure activity or as a method of transport in its own right. It is good for your health and can reduce the amount of car journeys benefiting the environment. How easy it is to access cycle routes in Kempshott depends on which part of the ward you live in but wherever you are the routes do not connect up properly.

We have  been looking at

- cycle facilities  in Kempshott and connections to the cycle way network in Basingstoke

- what the standards for cycleways are/should be and status in Kempshott

- needs and gaps in cycle facility provision

- issues between cyclists and traffic

- pedestrian vs cyclist use of common pathways

Progress  updated Aug 2017

This group started work in February 2016

Various problems with cycling have been identified by residents, we also need to work out the solutions. You can have your say and be part of the Cycling Group which will be drawing up plans as  part of the bigger Kempshott Community Plan

email us or phone 01256 470171 to make your contribution

This group has been lead by Heather Rainbow who is a founder member of Cycle Basingstoke

A cycling  report from the cycling team has now been finalised. It draws on the experience of Kempshott cyclists and refers to national standards. It is intended that this will have specific recomendations for improving cycling in Kempshott.