What is involved and where are we now?

There were several steps to work through to ensure that the plan is based on the needs and views of the future from the whole community. These include consulting with the community to get views from as many people as possible, identifying priorities and developing an action plan that involves the local community and service providers.
Once a plan is formulated it can only be adopted if residents vote to agree on it. That final consultation on our proposals  met with a strong endorsement  back in September 2017.
Key documents from this process can be  viewed from this website  under Information on this page.

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You may like to look at examples of plans from other parts of  Basingstoke  here

For more information on community plans see the BDBC website community plan page here

View the file below to see what the council said at our first meeting

Community Plan Meetings 

We have published the minutes of all our meetings and there is additional information on the Community Plan docs page

Meetings were open to all residents and stake holders.
Minutes of meetings are published

Previous meetings
launch          Wed18th Feb 2015
meeting  1    Wed 18th Mar 2015
meeting  2    Wed 20th May 2015
meeting  3    Tues 21st July 2015
meeting  4    Thurs 27th Aug 2015
meeting  5    Thurs 15th Oct 2015
meeting  6    Wed 27th Jan 2016
meeting 7     Tues 12th April 2016
meeting 8        Wed 11th May 2016
meeting 9       Mon 18th October 2016
meeting 10     Tues 6th Dec 2016
meeting 11     Mon 30th Jan 2017
meeting 12     Mon 10th April 2017
meeting 13     Mon 12th Jun 2017
meeting 14     Mon 24th July 2017
meeting 15     Tues 7th Nov 2017 committee only
meeting 16     Tues 12th Dec 2017 committee only
meeting 17     Mon 29th Jan 2018 committee only
meeting 18     5th March 2018 Preview of Published Plan for all stakeholders

Copies of all survey results and reports incliuding the final consultation are available from our Community Plan docs page .

The plan summary was  delivered to every household in March 2018. The full version is available on line  and printed copies are available from the council.

    The Next Step

    In order to ensure the delivery of the Kempshott Community Plan we are moving to the Plan Implementation Phase.
    Key stakeholder groups in the community and many more residents are invited to participate in  this process which has many individual elements and  will rely on YOUR input and effort for its success.
    If you want to help this along and /or if there are  elements of the plan which are particularly important to you, please  contact the  Plan Implementation Group  ( same old email address) and tell us!
    The launch meeting for the implementation phase will be on Tuesday 8th May at 7.00pm in the Old Church Hall, Methodist Church, Kempshott Lane.

    Chris Rose,
    24 May 2015, 05:59