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Community Plan  now completed

 A copy of the community plan summary booklet has been delivered to every household in Kempshott in March 2018. This is a shortened version of the full report but it contains all the key information.

For the extended version and all the background information and survey results   see here in the Community Plan docs

If you have any  questions or observation  about the  content  of the plan or the  process we have completed so far please do not hesitate to  contact us at :

The primary task of the Community Plan Group is now  completed. Individual contributors to the work of the KCP Group will be involved in implementing  some of the  Action Plan  but success  in moving Kempshott towards its desired vision for the future will lie with many members of the community  and  community groups.

This will in many instances involve further negotiation and discussion with local authority officers, but there are a number of actions which can be undertaken by  residents  within the ward. Together we can make some big differences.

Update 23/4/2018

Kempshott Community Plan

Kempshott Community Plan Action Plan

The links below show details of the analysis of the responses to our surveys and explain how they contribute to the action plan

Traffic Report

Green Spaces Report

Cycling Report

Wellbeing in older age

Report on Final Survey