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What is Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu?


Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu is a system based around a core syllabus of Kempo Ju-Jitsu techniques that Sensei Court learnt through his many years training under Shihan Dave Vincent of the International Kempo Ju-Jitsu Union, who learnt the Yagyu Shingan Ryu system of Kempo Ju-Jitsu whilst stationed out in Japan for many years with the Royal Navy. Shihan Vincent brought his Kempo Ju-Jitsu training back to the UK where he began teaching it combined with other martial arts he had also studied, (such as Karate), and eventually created the International Kempo Ju-Jitsu Union (I.K.J.J.U.).  To this Sensei Court has included techniques from Kempo Ju-Jitsu, Wado Ryu Karate, Aikido, and Fung-Shao Kung Fu, learnt from a lifetime of study in the martial arts under Shihan Court of the International Kempo Ju-Jitsu Union, and from training under other Sensei in systems such as Welsh Contact Karate, and Goshin Kai Aikido. To the Kempo Ju-Jitsu striking techniques have been added the fast and effective striking techniques of both Shotokan and Wado Ryu Karate, and the soft open handed techniques of Fung-Shao, producing a well rounded martial system that gives Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu students the ability to defend themselves at long, mid, and close range,  and making it a highly effective system.

    There is something to suit almost anyone in Kempo Kan Ju-Jitsu, regardless of age, sex, or prior martial arts background. We also encourage and welcome cross training with other systems, and enjoy the opportunity to experience and learn new or different techniques that will help us to positively expand our knowledge.

    As with any type of physical activity and training Kempo Ju-Jitsu techniques carry the potential risk of injury to those who practice the art, however the Sensei do everything possible to ensure that such risks are kept to a minimum, whilst still ensuring that the techniques taught remain effective.