Short Biography

Volker Kempe has a unique double background in both fundamental science (physics) and engineering (communication technology). His research interests include Stochastic Systems, Conditional Markov Processes, Optimal Estimation Theory  and MEMS (for more details see experience). Accompanying a lifelong investment into research are 40 years of experience in the management of research and development, both in academia and industry. From 1977 to 1990 he headed the Institute of Cybernetics and Information Processes of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin with more than 600 employees. Moving to the microelectronic industry, he led the Engineering Department of Austria Mikro Systems and later the Strategic Product Development from 1990-2003, and in 2003 co-founded SensorDynamics AG, a fast-growing semi-fabless semiconductor company that focuses on innovative sensor solutions for high volume applications in automotive and industry, of which he has been the VP of R&D.

He has authored over 100 papers and more than 20 patents, four books and five scientific anthologies, and edited four journals and book series. He has been in the program committee of several major international conferences, like ESSCIRC and DTIP. His work has been recognized twice with the National Prize of the GDR (major award given for outstanding creative work in the fields of science and technology).

His present interests focus on MEMS especially with a focus on system design, including all aspects of functionality, technology and application.