Academic research from 1963 until 1990:

1963 - 1970: Research Assistant, 1967-Senior Research Assistant and since 1968 Deputy Head of  a department at the Heinrich-Hertz-Institut  fuer Schwingungsforschung of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin  

   Main activities:

  • investigation of nearly time-periodic networks and development of extremely narrow-band microwave filters
  • development of low noise parametric microwave amplifiers and corresponding components  for radioastronomic observations

1970 - 1973: Head of the Signal and System Theory Group of the Central Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin, belonging from Jan. 1973 to the Institute of Electronics

     Main activities:

  • analysis of nonlinear stochastic systems
  • development of special methods for stochastic system analysis
  • development of nonlinear optimal signal estimators and  application to the development of satellite demodulators

1974 - 1977: Head of the Department of Information and Control  of the Institute of Electronics

      Main activities:

  • development of optimal estimation methods based on Conditional Markov Processes and application to the development of Phase Lock Loop Demodulators 
  • theoretical and practical development of satellite ground  station TV-demodulators with one of the world's best  performance parameters  ( 1975 )
  • theoretical and practical development of mobile, extremely powerful recievers for special satellite signals (with K.-H.Schmelovsky)
  • development of Infrared Fourier Interferometers for remote sensing of the earth's atmospherte by satellites with outstanding  sensitivity parameters ( 1976 - 1978 ) used later, among others, for the the exploration  of the atmosphere of the planet Venus 
1977 - 1990: Director of the Central Institute of Cybernetics and Information Processing of the Academy of Sciences of the GDR

   Main activities:

  • setting up an internationally strong research institute in informatics, artificial intelligence and automation, with a leading role in selected areas such as image processing; expanding the institute from less than 200 to over 600 employees
  • development (together with B. Rebel and W. Wilhelmi) of powerful image processing systems  subsequently produced in high volume by a leading industrial company and used in different countries for remote  sensing of the earth by satellites, medical applications and industrial control
  • research in image processing methods (line detection, object recognition, models for knowledge based object modeling)
  • establishment and organization of broad research activities in image  processing, in special directions of control and automation (the structural  modeling and optimization later led by A. Iwainsky), in robotics and in foundations of microelectronic design

Industrial work in the microelectronic industry from 1990 :

1990 - 2003: Director Engineering International at Austria Mikro Systeme International AG (earned Top Fab honors in 1992 from Semiconductor International Magazine, the leading technical publication in the area)

Main activities:

  • management of product development (Application Specific IC´s) and design support for external and internal designs 
  • definition of and conceptual work for selected Standard ASIC´s  and Microsystems
  • initiation of the product development in Microsystems

2003 - 2007: Co-founder (2003) and VP of R&D of SensorDynamics AG

Main activities:

  •  leading the main project within the Inertial Sensor area and laying the theoretical foundations for a comprehensive modeling of the whole system

2007 – present:  Consultant for SensorDynamics AG

  • working on Inertial Sensors