Kemo Sabi







"Since I was six years old I felt impulsion of drawing the forms of the things. When I was fifty I exposed a draws collection; but nothing of my job, made before of my sixties satisfied me. Only when I was seventy three I could know, by intuition, at least approximately the real form and nature of the birds, fishes and plants.


In consequence, in my eighties I’ll have made big progress, in my nineties I’ll have penetrated the essence of all things; to the hundred, I’ll have surely ascend to superior state, indescribable, and if I come to the one hundred ten years old, everything, every point and every line, will live. I invite to whom will live many time, like me, to verify if I execute these promises. It was written by me, when I was seventy five years old, formerly Hokusai, now called Huakivo-Royi, the oldman madness for the draw." 


Adler-Revon, Japanische Literatur.