Kemcol 2010



Persons attempting to find a motive in the narrative will be persecuted, persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.


Mark Twain

Meet the English Team

The Return of Kings and Queens

Front Painting: Momina Qadir

Back: Awais Aftab



 The Atrocity of Sunsets

Front Painting: Zunaira Shaukat

Back: Romaisa Khalid

Prometheus Unbound

Front Painting: Faiza Khalid

Back: Mehroo Bakhtawar



 My Mind is Music

Front Painting: Faiza Khalid

Back Painting and Poetry: Madiha Daud


·         Poetry Section

English Team Caricatures

by Jawed Iqbal (cartoonist)


Human, All Too Human

Front Painting: Zunaira Shaukat

Back: Final Year Photo Collage


  •  Interviews:
  1. Salman Ahmad
  2. Uzma Aslam Khan
  3. Prof. Dr. Mehmood Shaukat
  4. Prof. Dr. Syed Atif Hasnain Kazmi


The Wind Beneath My Wings

Front Painting: Mushal Noor

Back: KemBook by Awais Aftab

  • Ed’s Feature: KemBook by Editorial Team
  • Kemcolian Society Life by Society Presidents
  • Student Survey
  • Class Diaries

    Kemcol Pictorial

    Designed by Muhammad Bilal

  • Online edition special features include unabridged versions of some articles that had been edited for lack of printing space, and free pdf version of 'Rock and Rock Jihad' by Salman Ahmad which he offered for Kemcolians with his interview. Explore for yourself!