Kemal Sarp Arsava

Welcome to my personal website.

After completion of my graduate education as a civil engineer in 2008, I wanted to specialize in the area of "Structural Safety Under Extreme Loadings". For this reason, I started a M.Sc. program in Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and performed studies primarily on structural behavior of tunnels under fire loading. I published the findings in my thesis entitled "Fire Tests of Cut and Cover Tunnel Roof Segments at Positive Moment Region" and thereby successfully completed the M.Sc program in January 2011.

In my Ph.D. study, I worked as a member of a research group that develops novel algorithms for modeling, controlling and monitoring of smart building and bridge structures. Our research focused on in a variety of areas of smart structures, structural health monitoring, system identification, MR dampers, high impact damage mitigation and structural damage classification.                                                    

I recently joined the combustion laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow (10/2014). The objective of the study is to analyze the behavior of crude oil spills in the Arctic. I have a diverse research portfolio that includes partnership with colleagues in Mechanical and Fire Protection Engineering and Robotics. These projects include:

  • Integrating structures and smart-controlled dampers with a common structural system to improve integrity, safety, and dynamic performance.
  • System identification, control, and monitoring of integrated structure-smart damper systems under collision-induced impact forces.
  • Damage classification by machine learning.
  • Developing robust and low cost sensors for industrial applications.
  • Developing low cost teaching modules (small-scaled two-axis shaking table) for K-12 activities.
  • Designing safe, low-emissions, in situ burners to clean off the offshore oil spills.