Inquisition Bonded Mercenaries - Xenostalkers

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Unit Name - Xenostalkers
Origin - Riurik
Classification - Contracted Mercenary - Veteran - Loyal

Recruited from the mercenary bands of the radioactive wastes of Riurik, the Xenostalker mercenary company served as part of Inquisitor Denrit’s personal retinue until his death at the hands of a Hrud Assassin. Following that, they have been brought under the control of Inquisitor Mahendra, but are more generally available as a combat team, suitable for counter-Xenos action, as well as actions against heretics and traitors. Currently reduced to a mere handful of under-strength squads from an original force rivaling an Imperial Guard Combat Force, the Xenostalkers are still effective as an elite force of experienced and ruthless soldiers.

Combat Record
- Initially formed as the Stalker Company mercenary army, acting as a paramilitary group in the radiation-tainted Ivankiv Pits on Riurik. Acted as guards for convoys of minerals mined in the centre of the Pits, and as licensed ‘avengers’ hunting down murderers, heretics and mutants who had taken refuge in the Pits.

- Become part of Inquisitor Denrit’s retinue during his quest to find the lost “Delta Experiment” facility. Prove to be vital in his mission to destroy the twisted Amalgam Beasts.

- Serve in the defeat of Waaaagh! Luggratz. Stalker Company scouts successfully locate the Gargant ‘Killrunna’, enabling it’s destruction by long range artillery. Stalker Company changes its name to ‘The Xenostalkers’.

- Involved in the first contact with the Rilaturori. Successfully defeat them at the Battle of Colony Ship 19.

- Assigned to the defense of Harden’s Grail, protecting a newly founded colony from Eldar attacks. Following the fall of Bastion Alpha, the Xenostalkers acted as the rearguard for the refugee train escaping the Eldar pursuers. 30% casualties result.

- Serve alongside the Red Hunters Chapter in the Decimation of the Gari. Following a breach in their Protectorate Treaty, the Gari are reduced by 10% on their homeworld, with all colonies subject to Exterminatus. Total population of the Gari reduced by 68%

- The Purge of the Keltani Commercia. Trading ships from the Irati Conglomerate, the Nylos-Svarog Co-operation League and the Independent Chartist Captains Guild are gathered at Path’s End for a mass purging of mutants and aliens, specifically Hrud. Though the Xenostalkers were able to achieve their objectives, Inquisitor Denrit is killed by a Hrud assassin. Command of the Xenostalkers passes to Inquisitor Mahendra.

- Serve in the failed Retaking of Jortell V. Attempts to establish a beachhead in Tyranid-infested territory result in the near-total destruction of Imperial forces. Xenostalkers units vital in maintaining contact between separated units. Reduced to 54% combat strength.

- Serve alongside Ordo Sicarius and Offico Assassinorum agents in a mission to destroy the Viritia Shipyards. The entire Xenostalker force undergoes selective mindwipes.

- Accompany Inquisitor Othar in the Hidden War of Lienfall. Their long experience in unsupported warfare proves to be extremely useful. Complaints registered about their behaviour are rejected by the Inquisition.

- Fight on Ldotha Reach in the Battle of the Tayralli Caverns. Though the enemy was defeated, unusually strong fighting in the Xenostalker’s region reduces them below open combat capability. On the recommendation of Inquisitor Mahendra, the Xenostalkers are split up into squads to be assigned to Inquisitors, Governors, Generals and Traders in need of experienced Alien-fighters.
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