Kelso Angling Association offers visitors excellent trout fishing on stretches of both Tweed and Teviot between 1st April and 30th September. Fishing is by fly only with a bag limit of 6. All trout under 10" must be returned. The rivers are not stocked but there are plentiful wild brownies mostly under 1lb. Undersize fish are easily caught, takeable trout however, are a bit more difficult. There are also larger wild trout 1-3lb which are much more cautious of the fly. These large trout are often easier to catch using a dry fly in a coloured water when the river is falling after a flood.

2lb wild brownie caught on Tweed

Where to fish: Although Teviot fishes well in April and September, in summer larger trout are generally caught on Tweed. The association water is shown on the maps page.

Trout Fishing on Teviot

When to fish: Best times to fish are between 11am-3pm in April, May and September. In the summer months fishing tends to be poor in the daytime with the rise taking place around dusk, 9-11pm.

Tackle: Tweed is a big river so is usually fished using a 10' rod (AFTM#7) with a full floating line. It's best not to use a tippet of more than 3 or 4lbs to avoid spooking fish. Locals tend to don chest waders to get within casting distance of trout which often lie near the middle of the river, however wading above hip height is no longer permitted for trout anglers. Please wade carefully if you are unfamiliar with the river, particularly on Teviot which has many ledges with sudden drop offs.

Flies: Daytime hatches tend to consist of March Browns, Yellow May Duns and Blue Winged Olives. In the summer evenings sedges cover the water as do the inevitable clouds of caenis. Local fisherman tend not to tie flies much smaller than size 14. Traditional upwinged dry flies (size 12) like Adams, Greenwell's Glory and Dark Olive work well when fish are rising. Wet flies (again size 12) to use are March Brown, Silver Invicta and Partridge and Orange. However more people are now finding success with emergers and Czech nymphs.


Visitors Permits: Available from local tackle shops Tweedside Tackle and Forrest's in Bridge Street. The season permit also includes fishing for grayling between 1st December and 31st January.

Adults : Day £5, Week £10, Season £25

13-16 year olds and OAPs : Day £2.50, Week £5, Season £12.50

Under 13s : Free

You must obtain a permit prior to fishing.

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