Kelso is internationally renowned for its salmon fishing with famous beats like Lower Floors, Junction and Hendersyde all situated within a mile of the town.

Autumn salmon heading upstream

Season: The salmon season runs from 1st February until 30th November. The spring run peaks around April but the best fishing is to be had at "the back end" with runs of large fish in October and November. Spring fish tend to be around 5-10lbs with Autumn fish around 8-20lbs.

Tackle: Most people fish with a 15' double handed carbon rod. Leaders (tippets) are becoming increasingly short with only about 3' of 15lb nylon being the norm nowadays.

Cascade Shrimp

Flies: Traditionally bright 1-2" brass tubes such as Dick's Ice Maiden fished on sinking lines are generally used in the Spring when the water is cold and running high. As the weather gets milder and the river levels start to drop, dressed trebles like Cascade Shrimp on a sink tip are used. Summer evenings require a full floater with a small Peter Ross to tempt the sea-trout. Come the back end its back to sinking lines and tube flies like Black and Yellow doing the business. However more people are now using floating lines (sometimes with sink tips) throughout the year. 

Fishing Little Davie at Banff Mill

Availability: At peak times salmon fishing on Tweed is very expensive, however cheap fishing (£30 per day) can be had in the summer months and a rise in water can bring fish in at any time. There is also a good run of sea-trout and grilse in the late summer. For further details on availability and online booking visit FishTweed

You should familiarize yourself with the Tweed Angling Code prior to fishing.


7lb Sea trout fell to a size 12 Dunkeld

If  you wish to fish in autumn and your budget is limited Jedforest Angling Association offer visitors salmon fishing on 5 miles of the Teviot at very reasonable prices.

Salmon fishing on Teviot

Kelso Angling Association offer permits at reasonable cost to people living in the Kelso area to fish for salmon on the lower Teviot.

For the latest updates on salmon catches check the news page

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