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Fun Stuff 

    There is always a driving force to understand the nature of ourselves. Because thats what it is to be human, right? There is that desire to figure out if there is anything more to life than just eating, fucking, growing old, and dying. Most people use religion to explain it all, the idea there is a "God" and "he" is the reason to live. Personally I find it highly illogical.

    As a young teenager, I lost what little interest in Christianity I had in the first place. It just wasn't for me. It left me without anything to answer the mysteries of life. Why are we here? Does life mean anything? Its not 42, although Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is a great read. 

     Right now, I would describe myself as Ignostic. I find the idea of a deity(ies) irrelevent and should not have any bearing on our lives. It doesn't matter what we believe its what we do that makes a difference. I'll expand on this as the website becomes more complete.