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Fun Stuff

23/9/06 - I've still been really busy, uni work is piling up. Only a few months until it sover so I can still push through it with some consolation. Ministry cancelled their Australian tour which I'm gutted about, but on the plus side, Tool and The Mars Volta will be touring in the next few months and I have tickets to both!

19/7/06  - Its been a while since I updated this. I passed my last two exams ever for university, so I'm feeling good to have that past me now. Been listening to the latest AFI album recently, it was suprisingly good. Other than that, my life is a big nothing.

18/5/06 - Uni has occupied my life recently. Also Oblivion,but mainly Uni. Changed my project for work placement, so its takingup a lot of work. But now the game I'm working on has a lot of potential. If I cna achieve half of what I want to do, it will be worth it.

1/5/06  - Picked up my copy of 10,000 days today. The artwork is very impressive. Last night I finished the instrumentation for my music project Killing Light, check it out. - Industrial Metal

29/4/06 - Fuck, Opeth were awesome. Truly amazing experience. Now all my focus is on the new Tool album, which is a pity because I'm still pumped frmo the concert. The new Tool album is just that good. Been working like crazy to get my music finished for tomorrow night. But the EP is almost done, and I'm pretty happy with it. 

22/4/06 -  Going to see Opeth this tuesday. Almost 4 years to the day since I saw Tool at a solo gig, which was my first international artist solo show. Been working on music for the last few days, hoping to have it all ready by the 30th. Its time to start writing lyrics, having music by itself is just not good enough.

18/4/06 - Got food poisoning last night. Crappy way to end easter, but the hours on Oblivion more than make up for it. My music is progressing well and today I passed time by making online comics. Isn't life just super?

4/4/06 - Long and awkward day at uni. Its never good to get in between two lecturers in a shit fight, but sometimes its unnavoidable. I guess all I can do is laugh at the situation, and worry about the consequences later.