Outreach and Women in Science Activities

Check out the Women in Planetary Science blog!  

  • It features great professional development information, including a series of interviews full of advice from planetary scientists.  

(Note: You don't have to be a woman to be interested in these resources :).

Women in Planetary Science

Association for Women in Science

I am a past President  for the St. Louis Chapter of the Association for Women in Science.  It is a great group and we had a  good time with our various events.   

Between 2006 and 2011  we co-hosted a Women in Science Day with the Young Scientist Program.  I was the main coordinator for this event on the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis.  We bring over 100 St. Louis City high school girls to Wash U's campus for a day of hands on science activities.  We also have a lunchtime "getting ahead" panel featuring successful women in science from various careers and stages of their lives who can share insights and advice about how to become a scientist.  We also connected the girls with a local non-profit that assisted high school students with college applications and securing funding.  

Pictures from past years:



"Getting Ahead" Panel 2008

Minerals and Crystal Growth


Fun with Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, yum!

Panel Discussion 2009

Fate of Species Activity