Dr. Kelsi N Singer

Postdoctoral Researcher at Southwest Research Institute - Planetary Science Directorate

e-mail:  ksinger (at) boulder.swri.edu

Office #: 5th floor bull pen  

Office Phone #: TBD



I am currently a postdoctoral researcher on the New Horizons mission to Pluto.  I help with mission planning, and also preparation for data analysis of the exciting images we will take of Pluto in 2015.

My graduate research focused on the geology and geophysics of the  icy moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.  I completed my Ph.D. under Professor Bill McKinnon in 2013 and also conducted a one year post-doc at Wash U. studying lunar cratering with Professor Brad Jolliff and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) team.  

I maped a variety of geologic features on different moons.  I then related these surface features to theories about the moon's:

  • interior dynamics, 
  • surface material properties,
  • thermal history, 
  • or lithospheric stress.
I am also interested in empirical constraints on cratering physics.  See my research topics here.

Thesis  Title:

            Icy Satellite Tectonic, Geodynamic and Mass Wasting Surface Features:

Constraints on Interior Processes and Evolution

(document is currently embargoed - until it becomes open access,  feel free to contact me for a pdf)