Field Trip Photos

Astrobiology Summer School 2012

Another extremely well run program, thanks Wolf Geppert, Karen Meech and all the lecturers for such a fantastic experience.  Everyone should go to Iceland, it is a geologist's wonderland :).

Astrobiology Winter School 2011

This was an extremely well put together winter school with lectures and outings relating to astronomy, geology and biology. 

Meteor Crater Field Camp - Fall 2010

 - This trip was organized by Dr. Kring for a group of graduate students to visit meteor crater and conduct field work for a week.  I learned a ton while at this field camp and highly recommend it to other students studying cratering processes.

Mamoth Cave Field Trip - October 2009

A trip was organized for any who wished to go and check out several cave sites in and around Mammoth Cave National Park.  We learned about the geology and ecology of the area.  

Ecuador and Galapagos - Geo field trip 2007

- The Wash U. Earth and Planetary Sciences department took a trip to study volcanoes, and what a better place to learn about them then Ecuador and the Galapagos!  



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