Dr. Kelsi Singer

Postdoctoral Researcher at Wash U. - Earth and Planetary Sciences

e-mail:  ksinger (at) levee.wustl.edu

Office #: 341  

Office Phone #: 314-935-8490



I recently completed my Ph.D. under Professor Bill McKinnon and am continuing at Wash U. with a post-doc studying lunar cratering with Professor Brad Jolliff.  

My research concerns the geology and geophysics of the  icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn and also Earth's moon.  

I map a variety of geologic features on different moons.  I then relate these surface features to theories about the moon's:
  • interior dynamics, 
  • surface material properties,
  • thermal history, 
  • or lithospheric stress.
I am also interested in empirical constraints on cratering physics.  See my research topics here.

Thesis  Title:

            Icy Satellite Tectonic, Geodynamic and Mass Wasting Surface Features:

Constraints on Interior Processes and Evolution

(document will be open access May 2014 - until then feel free to contact me for a pdf)