Kelsey J. O'Connor, Ph.D.
Researcher in Economics of Well-Being
STATEC Research 
National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Member of the Board of Directors
+352 247 84351
13, Rue Erasme – B.P. 304, L-2013 Luxembourg

How do we promote well-being? What are the best policies? What is the role for civil society?

March 18-21 2020
Conference hosted by STATEC and the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy
STATEC Research is the research division of the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. We have 10 economists  working on productivity, entrepreneurship, labor, and well-being.

The International Society for Quality
-of-Life Studies is a global organization with a mission to promote research in the fields of quality-of-life, happiness, and well-being.