The Influenza Family 

"I had a little bird, its name was Enza, I opened up the window, and influenza."- Children's Rhyme, 1918

Orthomyxoviridae and Influenza 

    Orthomyxoviridae is a virus family in which the influenza viruses are categorized. There are 5 genera:

  • Influenza A, the orthomyxovirus we see most often in humans
  • Influenza B, which can also infect humans
  • Influenza C, which is not usually pathogenic in humans
  • Thogotovirus, which are found in ticks, but can be transmitted to humans
  • Isavirus, which is found in salmon and other fish  

Topic of the Month: Pandemic Influenza

Image 1: Computer generated image of Influenza H5N1. Public health officials fear this virus could cause a global influenza pandemic. 

Prepare Yourself!  

Download Influenza Pandemic Preparation and Response: A Citizen's Guide, version 1.5 (co-written by the author of this website)