My first try at brickfilming:
Here this is MY side of the site.
Bio: Kelly is our resident LEGO freak, and supplies us with most of our LEGO's, Bricklink orders, and Brickarms. He loves to play Beatles Rockband, and is the co-founder of Kellywise Productions.
You're probably wondering where he got his name (Kelly Solo) well the last name came from him, well it came from the game CoD: Big Red One. I changed the rank from PVT. to CPL. Had a nice ring to it.
Fict. Bio: Kelly Solo is 28 years old, his mother was killed in a car crash the day after taking Sam home from the hospital. Kelly had known his mother for only a short time (6 years to be precise) and was very close. It was very hard for him to cope without a mother. He went into depression for 2 and a quarter years but, his brother got him through. Kelly (like his father) is a devoted keeper of the law, except with the occasional speeding fine, and has been a Coporal in the USMC, a Lieutenant at the NJPD, and is currently a PI. He lives with his brother Sam. He is currently single.