The Bevvies: Midseason Awards

After the first half of the season, we decided to take stock of where we were at

Check out our picks for favorite characters, best episodes and more! 

Richard's Take

Best Line - "NooOO, I just can't haaAAnnDDlleE this!" - Cindy Walsh, "Seventeen Year Itch"

Best Scene - Jackie Taylors cocaine meltdown in "Perfect Mom"

Best Episode - "Perfect Mom"

Least Favorite Character - Brandon Walsh

Top 5 Favorite Characters

Honorable Mention: David Silver (You just missed it!  Have more lines!)

5. Cindy Walsh

4. Kelly Taylor

3. Jackie Taylor

2. Andrea Zuckerman

1.  Brenda Walsh

Richard's Awards

Most Likely to Be Famous

  • Guy: David Silver - he's the next Ira Glass!
  • Girl: Ana the Maid - she's going to be huuuuuuge on Telemundo, I can tell.

Most Likely to Be on the Cover of a Tabloid

  • Guy: David Silver - he's into some kinky shit.
  • Girl: Andrea Zuckerman - she'll probably end up editing one someday, because she is NEVER going to work for the New York Times if she's from the "bad" part of town. I figure her appearance on the cover would be in the credits section.

Biggest Whore

  • Guy: Steve Sanders - I bet he has dick rot.
  • Girl: Kelly Taylor - and I LOVE IT.

Worst Attempt to Play the Right Age

  • Guy: Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley) when shirtless ("First Time")
  • Girl: Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) in every fucking scene

Best Morality Check Character

  • Guy: Glenn the Photographer
  • Girl: Jackie Taylor

Amber's Awards

Most Embarrassing Moment

  • This goes to Brenda, in "Higher Education."  Having that awful dye job, and then running into your crush.  Not only that, but also commenting on his butt?

Cutest Moment

  • Brenda and Dylan win for the scene at school with Brandon after their first date.  "Movie?  What movie?"

Best Troubled Young Girl

  • This goes to Kelly Taylor!  We had a lot of good nominees, with Drunken, Klepto and Slutty all up, but no one can beat Kelly Taylor when it comes to the bad girl with a heart of gold.

Best OMG Moment

  • Sheryl's finally a winner for something - the "I'm not a virgin" slap in "The First Time"

Biggest Asshole

  • Fucking Jim.  All day every day.  Him and his stupid double standards.


For this category, we gave each character a point for every award they win.  The top characters from the episode or scene get a point as well.  Here's how they fared!

  • One Award: Anna the maid, Steve Sanders, Glenn the Photographer, and Sheryl
  • Two Awards: Jim Walsh
  • Three Awards: Brandon Walsh, David Silver, and Cindy Walsh
  • Four Awards: Dylan McKay and Andrea Zuckerman
  • Six Awards: Brenda Walsh and Kelly Taylor

And the winner of The Bevvies Sweepstakes...with seven awards...after just one episode she stole our hearts...It's...

Jackie Taylor!


Amber's Take 

Best Line - "I'm not a cowboy and you're not a gangbanger crackhead!" - Brandon Walsh, "One on One"  And Cindy's line (see Richard's) totally gets an Honorable Mention

Best Scene - Flowerpot Make Out Session in "Isn't It Romantic?"  Honorable Mention for Jackie's Meltdown in "Perfect Mom

Best Episode - "Perfect Mom" Honorable Mention for "Isn't It Romantic?"

Least Favorite Character -        Jim Walsh

Top 5 Favorite Characters

5. Andrea Zuckerman

4. Kelly Taylor

3. Jackie Taylor

2. Dylan McKay

1. Brenda Walsh