• I started working with Kelly after dealing with the same struggles and issues and never making any progress. I rarely felt close to people.  I was surrounded by family and friends but always felt isolated and lonely.  I am educated and have good job but never felt successful.  I was never content with my life or happy with myself.  Circumstances  in my life changed.  I tried to make changes.  But any changes either weren't successful or left me feeling frustrated, alone, unhappy.  I was less and less hopeful that I would ever feel better or make any progress. 
    In my work with Kelly we uncovered the beliefs that were at root of my unhappiness.    I felt very safe and understood.  Kelly is funny and engaging!  Her approach was personalized, not a check list or instructions from a book.  The work was not easy!  Kelly knew when to push me to go deeper and when I needed to work at my own pace.  
    Being emotionally healthy has impacted every aspect of my life.  Internally I am happy and peaceful! If I had gained nothing else but happiness and peace it would have been worth the money and time and tough conversations!  I enjoy myself and other people. I'm in a relationship that would not have been possible.  My relationships with my family and friends are richer. I have made lasting changes in my finances, spirituality and health.   These changes would not have happened and are only possible because I am at peace with myself!   

  • KELLY STORCK HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.  At 41 I had never seen a therapist before.  Recently, after a long term relationship ended and not dealing with many family and personal issues, a bout with depression set in.  I had never experienced depression.  I knew I needed to speak with someone and after some research, I found Kelly.  You have to be comfortable when revealing everything in your life, when you are being truly honest.  Kelly is so easy to talk to while giving me things to think about without judgment.  She has helped me to rediscover myself.  My personality, self worth, confidence and general outlook on life has changed so much for the better.  We all have negative events that affect our lives.  We all have done things we regret.  If we let those things weigh on us and shape who we are, then we have failed ourselves.  These things stay with us through our lives and continue to build up.  Find a good therapist such as Kelly.  Confide in them.  Deal with your issues.  Understand who you are and what happiness means to you and this will help you lead a much better, positive life.

  • Approximately two years ago my family approached Kelly Storck with a brooding, depressed, dark simulacrum of my bright, beautiful daughter.  Through Kelly's patience and perseverance my daughter is emerging from her shadows with a new attitude and approach to life.  No butterfly emerging from its chrysalis has ever been so beautiful.  Throughout the process Kelly has been nurturing, flexible and professional. She has answered my questions quickly and thoroughly while addressing my concerns with empathy and understanding.  She has been available during crises while actively assisting my daughter to stand on her own.  Kelly manages the demands and responsibilities of her profession with aplomb and grace, good humor and a caring heart.  I cannot recommend Kelly enough.

  • I came to Kelly Stork in a time of desperation. Thinking that no one could help me through my dark time, I was stubborn and unwilling to ask for help from Kelly. However, Kelly proved me wrong. She got to know me and became someone I could go to for help. She has become a huge piece of my support group and helped me realize who I was and that it is okay to ask for help from other people. I was skeptical at first that no one would be able to talk me through anything but, Kelly did just that. She has been helping me for about two years and I cannot imagine not having her as my support. Kelly turned my views around completely and helped my self esteem. She made my distorted view of myself clear and continues to do that for me.

  • I worked with Kelly after experiencing some mild depression.  I had come to the end of a long two years where much had changed in my life from a familial, spiritual and emotional perspective.  With so much change, I felt I needed some professional help to give me some additional perspective and self-awareness about what caused my depression and, importantly, how to prevent a future occurrence.  I had about 8 sessions with Kelly where we worked progressively through the changes that had occurred in my life and the emotions that came with them. At the end of our work together, I had a better sense of who I was, what I needed to keep myself mentally healthy and how to work with my family to express and achieve those needs.

  • Working with Kelly was a very positive experience.   She is a warm person with lots of energy and creativity.  I found her to be an excellent listener and easy to talk with.  Kelly asks good questions, but also expects engaged answers.  Sessions with her are focused, but still very comfortable.  She also recognizes that good therapy has a natural end when its objectives have been met.  Kelly was a great fit for my needs.
  • It can be a very difficult decision to decide whether or not to go into therapy, especially if you have never seen a therapist before. If you choose that therapy is right for you and what you need, the therapist you choose to see is key. Throughout a session and from one appointment to the next, she always accepts who you are and works to know you.  Despite my hesitation to open up, she waited, and she gave me the time I needed. Working with Kelly has helped me better understand myself and what I need to do to make sure I am comfortable with that person I see in the mirror every day.