About Kelly

I have a Masters of Social Work from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work (Washington University, 1997) and have been working with adolescents, young adults, adults, and families for nearly 20 years.  My work experience includes being a therapist at Women's Support and Community Services, a case manager at BJC Behavioral Health, a therapist at Logos School (private, therapeutic middle and high school) and an adjunct instructor at SLCC.  I am now in private practice full-time and am honored to help people like you find peace and joy in their lives.

My therapy style is very organic and insight-driven.  Through the supportive relationship we build as client and therapist, we create a space that is safe for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.  I do not rely heavily on "textbook" techniques or rigid protocols.  I find it most useful to allow the strong and deeply personal working relationship to lead and hold the work we do together.  Ultimately, I want you to gain a greater understanding of who you are, how you relate to the world and what is best for you as you move ahead.  For more of my thoughts on therapy, go to the About Therapy page of this website.