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These programmes can be bought with minor tweaks to suit your general needs, or a programme can be built from scratch for your specific needs.

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Small Business Job Card and client tracking systems:  Keeps track of customer names and contact details, details of their job, progress of the job, spares used, labour and other costs, and works out VAT. R400 + postage and packing = R460 total.


Computer Tutor basic computer training programme:

Helps people with almost no knowledge of a computer to get going, and also serves as a reference tool for things like acronyms, parts of the computer, and so on.

R99 (on a self installing CD. Includes Postage and packing)



Share Trades Calculator and costs programme (for South African Stock Exchange) - helps you to quickly work out how many shares you can afford on your budget, and what they have to rise to to make a profit, etc.

Now for a special low price of R40 for emailed version. Email me at to order your copy.

Click on the screen shot below for a full size view.



Florist Customer Tracker enables the Florist to keep track of all it's customers birthdays and anniversaries, and has contact details so that the husbands can be reminded. R99 + postage/packing = R120







Remotely Controlling the VM700 video analyser  : This programme enables one to control this instrument from a laptop.   








Running Log - to keep track of your running or jogging.

This is shareware on a donation only basis; so please feel free to download this programme and use it, and if it is useful to you, please make a donation. Thank you, and enjoy!

Here is the link to click to download the file directly - right click the link and select "save target as.."    running.exe








I will be improving this programme again in the future, especially if it proves to be popular. At the moment it is in it's "beta" form.




This is a rough draft of this program - it still has test boxes, etc, which will be removed as the program is developed. As shown, pictures can be added of the vehicles, various searches can be done and a related number of records can be shown, such as all toyotas, or cars within a certain mileage or year group, etc. The program is compatible with the Microsoft Access database program and can be used interchangeably with Access if the need arises.



Prices for an existing programme will of course be cheaper than a programme that I have to build from scratch. If you require a programme built from scratch I will need as much informaton, about what you want and what the programme has to do, as possible.

Programmes can either be sent to your email address directly, or a CD can be sent to the address that you provide.

Programming is done in the Borland Delphi language.

Most programmes will be compatible with Microsoft(c) Access and Word.


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The "Desktop" explanation from the Computer Tutor..