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I've been programming in the Delphi language for about the last 4 years. Before that I programmed in Turbo Pascal for about 10 years, and I've also done a little bit of programming in machine language, Assembler, Basic, Prolog and Lisp.

I wrote my matric (Grade 12) at Grosvenor Boys in Durban, South Africa. I went on to get a T3 light current technicians certificate at the Witwatersrand Technikon. Some years after that I did a correspondence course with University of South Africa (UNISA) for a Diploma in Datametrics, which I achieved cum laude. A few years later I did the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course for NT4 (MCSE) also by correspondence, which I passed.

I am also registered with the Engineering Coucil of South Africa (ECSA) as an Engineering Technician, since 1990.

As well as programming, I also maintain and repair computers, maintain and repair Television and FM high power transmitters, and sort out various software problems. With the current level of digitalisation, all these fields of work are morphing together, so it's been an interesting ride!

For hobbies I love to bodysurf and swim whenever I'm in Durban, and I also do some amateur photography, jog to keep fit and play computer games.

I am married with 2 children,

I would also like to thank Borland (US) and Borland South Africa for providing my copy of the Delphi Compiler. They really are the greatest!


Duncan Kelly





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