Welcome to my Leading Edge Certification Portfolio.  My name is Kelly Martin and currently I am a teacher on special assignment for Lake Tahoe Unified School District in South Lake Tahoe, California.  Our school district has implemented one-to-one computing with netbooks in grades 3 through 12.  My special assignment is to assist teachers in grades 3 through 5 in implementing netbook usage in their classroom. Prior to my special assignment I taught grades 3 through 5 over the last 7 years.  I am a self-proclaimed tech junkie so this assignment fits me well.  Our superintendent is looking forward to implementing some blended learning courses in the next school year that I will be integral in supporting.

Please feel free to browse through my portfolio.  Keep in mind, these are samples of my work and only show a small portion of what I can do. To the left you can navigate through some samples of my work.


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