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Baby facts:

  • ETA: July 31
  • Yes we've picked out names: Ace Rebel (for a boy) or Rainbow Ninja (for a girl), although my father showed some disapproval of those choices sometimes you just have to go with what feels right. ;-)
  •  Baby is already registered for day care, we'll be looking into private high schools next week.  Just kidding about the high school.
  • If baby comes on time its birthday will be 2 days after its grandma's and 1 day after its cousin Nolan. 
  • Baby will be the 21st great grand child for my grandma, but 1st for Neil's grandfather.  

Other stuff:

  • We are registered at which can also be reached via .  Amazon is connected Toys\Kids\Babies R Us not only in terms of what they sell, but also in terms of the baby registry.
  • For the baby's room we're going neutral with yellowish walls and the Farmyard Friends theme from Pottery Barn Kids which will bring a lot of green into the room.   We bought the valence, green curtains and the rug.  The bedding is on back order.  The rug is what started it all and as soon as I have pictures of the curtains and the rug in the baby's room I will post them.

Lilypie Baby Ticker


These are the pictures from my ultrasound on 2/28/06.  In the childs first act of defiance it had its little legs all scrunched up so we couldn't really tell if its a boy or a girl.  The exact words by the lady doing the ultrasound were, "If I had to guess its a girl, " because she didn't see any "boy parts".  Not very reassuring.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see whether it will be Ace or Rainbow.  

In this picture the head is on the left.   See the little hand??  

This picture worries me that its not human.  See its scary eye?

 I've got nothing.  I think this one is from above it with the head still on the left.

 Head still on the left, but I'm not sure what we are looking at.


Here are my pictures from my first ultrasound on 1/23/06.   It's exactly11 weeks old in these pictures for those doing the math that means I was 13 weeks pregnant.