All I Want is One More Meanwhile...

Playwright/Producer for an original play that was part of the Brick's Comic Book Theater Festival in June 2011.

Twenty years ago she was the superhero Perfectra - and a robot. Today she’s just Jane, a real woman who gave up power and perfection to be a mother. But estranged from her daughter and fighting a no-longer-perfect physique is not the ending she planned on!  Mother/daughter relationships are never easy but for these two it’s an epic battle.

“Author Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons clearly has much affection for her characters as well as a keen eye for the superhero genre. . . . challenges cultural concepts of modern femininity. Sometimes it seems like the whole world wants women to just be perfect, but what does that mean? What are the costs of that perfection? One More Meanwhile has the stones to ask those questions and I freaking love it for that.”—Amanda LaPergola,

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  • Perfectra artwork appeared in io9 's coverage of the festival and Franny Fluffer named Perfectra as her favorite comic book hero (check out question #9) in PMc magazine.
  • Read an interview with myself and the other playwrights of The Comic Book Theater Festival on MTV GEEK.

All I Want is One More Meanwhile...   also featured the super hot original song PERFECTRA!  Inspired by the She-Ra and Jem themes, written and recorded by NYC cult phenomenon Mel & El with music by Patrick Spencer Bodd, the Perfectra theme song brought the tradition of comic book origin stories to the stage in a fun and fabulous way.   Listen Now!

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons,
Dec 2, 2011, 10:13 AM