WE HIT OUR GOAL!  That doesn't mean you can't still donate.  It just means that 100% of your donations go to finding a cure for my disease.

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Welcome to our site.  Kelly Palmer is a Senior at LaSalle High School in Cincinnati.  In July, 2012 his life changed.  He was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis.  It was determined that his body did not like food like most people.  He no longer can have foods which contain dairy, eggs, soy, tomatoes, nuts or fish.  Instead, he drinks medical formula each day, swallows a steroid, and takes other medications.
Can you imagine your life without pizza, fast food, birthday cakes, chocolate just to name a few items?  Kelly and kids like him deal with this every day.  There are some kids who are taken off all foods and recieve medical formula through a tube for food everyday.
The Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders says EE is a digestive system disorder in which eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, are found in above-normal amounts in one or more specific places in the digestive system and/or the blood.

When the body wants to attack a substance, such as an allergy-triggering food or airborne allergen, eosinophils respond by moving into the area and releasing a variety of toxins. But when the body produces too many eosinophils, they can cause chronic inflammation, resulting in tissue damage. Many EEs sufferers can only eat a handful of foods, as others cause the body to mistakenly send white blood cells to attack their GI tract.

There is no CURE for this disease so Kelly along with Terri Kersey have decided to Climb Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about his disease and to raise money for the CURED foundation which gives 100% of their donation back to research for this disease. 

A disease does not have to define a person, the person has the choice to define themselves every day in their actions.  Anything is possible!  Even climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!”  Please help us reach our goal this year. Donate.
The Orphanage we will be working at while in Africa

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What's the Best About Our Climb?

Kids like Kelly will be able to show the world that this disease does not keep them down.

It will also lead to a cure so no child will ever have to go without their favorite foods.


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