Here are the basics about me: I recently received my Ph.D. from Syracuse University (June 2013) and will be taking up a position as Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Texas Christian University in August 2014. My philosophical interests lie primarily at the intersection of ethics and metaphysics, especially as they pertain to free will and moral responsibility. 
In my dissertation, Towards a Revisionist Account of Moral Responsibility, I raise a new problem for revisionist accounts of moral responsibilty regarding the potential for such accounts to justifiy our continued participation in the practice of moral praising and blaming, and develop a positive proposal on behalf of revisionists for how I think they might ultimately avoid this problem.  As part of this proposal I defend a new methodological assumption for our theorizing about moral responsibility.  I argue that, barring defeaters, when it comes to moral responsibility we are justified in taking intuitions that are widely convergent and generated by concrete cases that elicit a strong affective response as having a privileged epistemic status in our responsibility theorizing.
In addition to the work described above I have diverse research interests in ethics and metaphysics including work on moral blame, basic desert, the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive accounts of moral responsibility, concepts, and the proper role of intuition in different philosophical domains.
Right now I have a few papers on moral responsibility forthcoming.  If you'd like to get in touch with me about any of my work you can drop me a line at : k.mccormick@tcu.edu