Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Please stop for a visit.  Have a seat.  Enjoy a refreshing beverage.  Kick your sandals off and enjoy the warm, sandy beach.

I'm Kelli, a tg (male to female transgendered) gal, and I'm so happy you found this place.  This website is really just something of a place-holder for the moment.  All the action is currently happening on my blog, so I invite you to click on the link and find yourself instantly transported from this sunny beach to... to... to wherever blogs reside.  Say.... Where do blogs reside?  I mean, at the moment, we're on a sandy beach and I'm wearing my favourite web-surfing bikini, but where are we when we're in a blog, and, more importantly, what is the dress code?  Do I need something formal?  Will business or work attire do?  I'm a jeans and t-shirt type of t-girl.  How about that?  All these sudden questions, and I HAVE NO ANSWERS!  CALLAGONE, TAKE ME AWAY!

Okay, okay, I'm fine.  Breathe deeply.  That's better.  Like I was saying, please join me on the blog page for conversations and such.  Please keep all conversations polite (speech, content, tone, etc.) and I'll do my best to make your visit enjoyable.