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    Kelley M Likes:

A little bit about me...the most important stuff first: I am the mother of five beautiful children.

I've been motivating educators and administrators in 7-hour seminars.  I've reached close to 200 individuals.

In my years of teaching, I've reached hundreds of children.  I get the least favored; those who are without a place to belong.

My hopes are to reach more, help more, encourage, and find those who are lost.

I currently teach business and computer technology classes at Marist School in Atlanta, GA. I've been teaching for the past 10 years.

My desire to teach began when my oldest daughter was in elementary school. The school did not have a budget for art classes, so each week I would make small crafts with her class. Soon I was changing my degree to Business Education.

I've created the curriculum and workbooks for each of my classes. I try to stay current on new technologies and trends and incorporate them into each of my classes.

My teaching philosophy is simple-everyone can learn if they are given the right tools. Every teacher can teach if they are given the right strategies. A classroom can be a positive, motivating place...EVERY day!

I currently hold 4 degrees that vary with my interests, from business to media and technology.

I devote my free time to writing children and young adult books.

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