Department of Biological Science M/C 066
University of Illinois at Chicago
845 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60607-7060
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Living Healthy, Living Green
"Where culture & environment connect"

Last Saturday of every month on WVON 1690

As the host of Living Healthy, Living Green I discuss the connections between people of color and all things environmental.  It is the first talk show here in Chicago dedicated to the discussion climate change, plants, air, human health, jobs, education, and mental well being are connected.  Streaming live we have listeners all over the globe!
 Kellen A. Marshall-Gillespie

   I am a 3rd year doctoral student at the University of Illinois-Chicago in the department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and am currently being advised by Dr. Miquel Meler-Gonzalez.  My interest includes identifying pollution gradients across urban landscapes, assessing agroecosystem, "AE" vulnerability, functioning/crop quality and, quantifying the relationship between urban AE productivity, urban pollutant stressors and experience/education of urban growers. My work requires an interdisciplinary approach and will draw insight, data and tools from disciplines such as landscape ecology, environmental justice, public health and ecosystem ecology.

  • Urban "stress-scapes"
  • Multiple stressors impact on urban agroecosystem functioning
  • Biological monitoring
    • Lichen 
      • (sulfur dioxide, NOX)
    • Tobacco
      •  (ozone)
  • Air quality & plant/crop productivity
    • Ambient air and urban agriculture


Eden Place Nature Center
         "An Urban Oasis"

4417 S. Stewart
   Chicago, Illinois 60608

Eden Place is an environmental education center located on the south side of Chicago.  I participate in research through the George Washington Carver Research Station of which I am the director.


(Q1) What are the concentrations and spatial distribution of SO2, NO2, and ground level O3 across urban food gardens in Chicago?

(Q2) Is there variability of crop productivity, and crop quality related to ambient atmospheric conditions across urban food gardens in Chicago?

(Q3) How does air pollution impact the sustainability of Chicago’s local food systems?